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About Us

About Susie Rawson

I was born and raised in Buenos Aires and attended an English boarding school. Have always worked in bilingual environments and since 2010 I live in New York City six months out of the year, so I am highly skilled and fluent in English language and translation to and from Spanish is only natural to me. Within the team, I personally supervise , edit  and proofread all the material that goes out to our clients.

About the team

We are not an agency but a team. If you´re looking for translations of English to Latin American Spanish and from Spanish to English, the last thing you need is a big agency which can offer translations from Russian to Italian, of from Czech to Norwegian. We are strictly English to Spanish or vice versa. Plain and simple. Few people, highly competent in what we do, no big structure of project managers, supervisors, administrative and commercial departments, and so on.


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